Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paranormal Reading

So I have to say I love most types of books but I have three genres that are my favorites...Regency Romance is one Fantasy is another, and Paranormal is my third favorite! I recently discovered (a few months ago) an author that lives in my state (AZ) by the name of Kristine Cheney. She is currently writing a series called the Spartan Heart Saga. Spartan Heart is the beginning of this wonderful series. I loved this book! The book starts off with Evangeline attending the funeral of her parents. Lost in a deep depression and angry at herself for her foolishness she wanders aimlessly thru a hidden tunnel to her family's Greco-Roman museum. There in a desperate attempt to relieve her pain she kisses a statue...what she awakened would change her life! Dorien is a Spartan King put under a spell by the evil Demona. Now waking up in present day England he saves Evangeline from falling and goes under another spell this one of love. This story takes you thru the lives of these two...will they overcome the evil Demona so they can be together can they overcome their differences and survive...OH this should be on your must read!!! A definite 5 out of 5 To purchase Spartan Heart on Amazon here is the web address...

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