Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway

                                                       Waltzing With The Wallflower

This enchanting novella follows the story of Lady Cordellia and Lord Ambrose. Lady Cordellia had to live the life of a servant to pay off her families debts. Her aunt and uncle bring her to London for one season and one season only. Lady Cordellia, knowing that she cant possibly make a good match, tries her best to avoid the spot light preferring to blend in with the wall. Lord Ambrose and his twin brother Anthony enjoy a good bet; the newest bet is to take the plainest lady at the ball and make her the toast of London. Lord Ambrose feels up to the challange until he realizes whom his brother and friend (Lord Wilde) have chosen. Ambrose heads towards Cordellia and asks her to dance. Cordellia thinks he is joking and tries to run away much to her aunts dismay, but is finally led (pushed) on to the dance floor. What makes this story so enchanting is reading how Ambrose (a confirmed bachelor) falls head over heels for the wallflower and watching Cordellia bloom into the beautiful, vibrant person she is inside. Of course, like every well told story, there is a twist when Cordellia discovers the wager. Can she truly trust someone who from the start has been lying to her? Read the first installment of the new Wallflower series by Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders, also I was told by Rachel that the next story would be longer :) Now for the giveaway. One winner will get a Amazon or Nook copy of Waltzing With The Wallflower AND a $10 Amazon e-giftcode! This giveaway will be open til Saturday so Enter!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway