Friday, June 22, 2012

Upon A Midnight Dream Review and Giveaway

Do you just love the classic fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast? Well I know I do, but what I love even more is taking a classic that you may or may not like and reading a new spin put on it. That is what one of my favorite authors is doing now! Rachel Van Dyken has started a new series called the London Fairy Tales and the first of her books is Upon a Midnight Dream (A new spin on Sleeping Beauty). If you read the House of Renwick series (especially the last book The Redemption of Lord Rawlings) then some of these characters are somewhat familiar (and I LOVE the fact that Rachel did that!!!!) Oh and the story doesn't have that "Oh THIS One Again" feeling that you can sometimes get...Anyways to continue with the review Roslind was betrothed to the Duke of Montmouth who was supposed to be dead but Stefan was far from it. After being shipwrecked on an island Stefan some how escapes and comes back to London releasing Rosalind from the betrothal contract and, much to her embarassment and Stefans surprise, she faints. Coming back to her senses she returns to her home and tells her father that she was released from her bethrothal her father says "What have you done?" and then dies...apparently a gypsy cursed her and Montmouth's family saying that each generation there must be one from each line to marry the breaking the betrothal starts the curse that could kill off everyone in their family. Stefan (having been apart from society for so long) is lacking in good behavior and matters of the heart, Rosalind is strong willed and wants only to be loved. Can Stefan win her heart and her hand before the curse takes them all, or is there something more sinister going on? Find out when you read Upon a Midnight Dream. Now for the giveaway part :) Rachel has graciously offered a copy of Upon a Midnight Dream to one of my lucky winners and I am throwing in a $10 Amazon gift code! Good Luck to all! a Rafflecopter giveaway